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While the economy and the Construction Industry slowly rebounds from the tumultuous past 5 years it has provided Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting (BOSC) with a positive outlook in the years to come.  As an 'Independent' PEO/Employee Leasing Brokerage Firm with over 20 years in the industry we have had an influx of Construction Trade Businesses and Sub-Contractors brushing off the dust of their once profitable and successful businesses and re-entering their fields.  Slowly but surely, these hard working business owners are seeing the light and returning to the passion of their trade and to rebuilding their American Dream of being a successful Small Business Owner.  After all, small businesses are the crux of our economy.  Laborers and tradespeople are getting back in the workforce and are slowly contributing to the economy while hacking away at the debts and scars obtained from the recession.

Unfortunately, for these construction firms it's not that simple to quickly recover. Between the increasing costs and means of obtaining Workers' Compensation, Certificates, State and Federal regulations and red tape , un-ethical  and illegal business practices from competitors, Obamacare, budget and funding restrictions, and a lieu of other stressors makes the recovery process that much more difficult than most traditional small businesses.

The PEO/Employee Leasing model, on the other hand is booming as a result of these challenges and obstacles that are placed upon the Construction Industry.  While the PEO requires an 'administration fee' for their services the reciprocation far exceeds the cost.  In fact, in many cases, as a result of the products and services provided by the PEO/Employee Leasing solution, it allows businesses to grow their business and bottom line that would be otherwise unattainable. 

The challenge for the small business owner is to determine which PEO/Employee Companies to contact and who to trust.  That is where BOSC comes in.  Our services are at NO COST to our clients.  We eliminate the time consuming and frustrating task of dealing with Pushy, often un-qualified, quota driven W-2 Salespeople all claiming that their 'ONE SOLUTION" is the best fit for a company.  Instead, they will consume a business owners' time and energy trying their best to force a company that may not fit their PEO's appetite and underwriting requirements.  Then, two to three weeks later a business owner is delivered the news that a) they have been declined or b) their fee's and rates are to a point that it's not affordable.  Then, a business owner has to repeat the entire process while wasting precious time and money.

BOSC has strategic and exclusive relationships with PEO/Employee Leasing Companies that only work with the Construction Industry.  They understand the unique intricacies, obstacles, requirements, and challenges that the construction industry faces on a day-to-day basis.  They are sensitive to the margins, regulations and requirements.  They 'get' and understand the challenges associated with building a labor pool and how the hiring and firing practices differ from mainstream small businesses.

Together, BOSC and their client navigate through the PEO/Employee Leasing Companies that can help and eliminate those that cannot.  Once the ideal solution is identified and implemented, BOSC continues the relationship with their client to ensure that throughout the life cycle of the Client and PEO/Employee Leasing Relationship that the clients' needs and agenda are always top priority.

To learn more about BOSC please visit www.boscinc.net and view the "Testimonial Page'.  For immediate assistance or to have a brief conversation please contact Jon Lightbody, Founder and CEO.  Jon can be reached at 407-619-5911 or via email at jon@boscinc.net.

Article published in Building Central Florida Magazine July/August 2014 Edition

Written by Jon Lightbody, Founder & CEO of Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting, Inc. (BOSC)


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