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Just as you specialize in your line of business, so do we.  Taking the time to determine what PEO/Employee Leasing company best fits your needs can be a time consuming task that takes away from your productivity - and your bottom line. Identifying which companies to call, dealing with pushy sales people, scheduling meetings, figuring out the pricing proposals and determining which PEO is best for your company can be frustrating and very time consuming.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an independent, experienced, single point of contact to assist you in identifying the best PEO/Employee Leasing company that fits your unique needs and budget?  

Now you can and it is at NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Services you can expect from BOSC:

  • Conduct a thorough needs analysis of your current HR Outsourcing arrangements and provide multiple solutions and recommendations based on your needs, company objectives and budget.
  • Identify and negotiate with a select group of PEO/Employee Leasing Companies that can offer you discounts and special pricing.
  • BOSC will conduct a Quarterly Analysis and Review of your PEO pricing to ensure your fees are in line with the terms and rates that were originally agreed upon.
  • An ongoing relationship with BOSC.  As your business needs change, BOSC will be there as your advisor and advocate to support you with all of your Business Outsourcing needs.
  • Unlike dealing with a quota-driven salesperson that insists that "their" PEO is the best solution, BOSC has the luxury of taking an un-biased, consultative approach to truly identifying the Top Three Solutions and educating you on the pro's and con's of each.
  • Provide education on the differences between using a PEO/Employee Leasing company and using a payroll service/ASO model.

BOSC has established a number of Alliance Relationships that you can trust to assist you with all of your additional Business Outsourcing needs.

We save our clients time and money. Many Central Florida businesses have come to us searching for
Orlando PEO companies that are less expensive but provide more benefits or services. We work with Jacksonville employee leasing companies, Tampa employee leasing companies, and other reputable vendors in the state of Florida. We have also worked with many different PEOs throughout the nation to assist our national corporations. Other services include helping you choose the right PEO Master Health Plans for your business.  BOSC has years of experience and established relationships with top Florida Professional Employer Organizations to review and ensure that your quotes are from the best PEOs for your business.

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