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"I want to take a moment to thank you and your company, Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting, for assisting AQUIS in identifying a new PEO to partner with. Prior to learning that you started your own company, we began the tedious and time consuming process of entertaining quotes from other PEO’s. Naturally, when these PEO’s came to our office we were greeted by sales people with varying degrees of knowledge about their service offering and company as a whole. There was one consistent message we received from each of them and that was that their PEO was the best fit for our company. Fortunately, during this process, we were approached by you and your company. By working with you we immediately felt as sense of relief and comfort in knowing that you had our companies’ best interest and well-being as a top priority. After listening to what our company objectives were and sharing with you what services, products, and price points we were looking for in our next PEO you went to work. You presented us with four solutions and patiently explained your experience and opinion about each of them with a completely un-biased perspective. In the end, using your company cost us nothing but saved us time, headaches, and a substantial amount of money as we enter into a new phase of our company and a new PEO relationship as a result of working with you. We assumed that once we selected our new PEO as a result of your efforts that your role would subside. Instead, your involvement continues and you ensure that our needs and expectation are met and that any obstacles along the way are immediately addressed. I feel that your business model makes great sense and it certainly made our experience of searching for a new PEO a more pleasant one. Should you need a reference or testimonial for your company, your level of knowledge of your industry, or the net result of using Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting, as President and CEO of AQUIS and a client of yours, I will be happy to provide you with one."
Mike B, CEO
Orlando 03-11-2011
"Since we met a year and a half ago and you assisted me with identifying a new PEO for my four businesses, you have continued to stay involved and it is very clear that you not only value our business but you take great pride in ensuring that your clients are kept informed about any changes that effect a business in terms of HR Law, Payroll and Payroll Tax, and Workers' Compensation. Having you as our consultant provides a level of comfort in knowing that you and your company are monitoring my PEO behind the scenes and I appreciate you conducting your audits on my rates and keeping me abreast of how my PEO is trending compared to others. While we are very satisfied with the PEO you introduced us to, it is always good to know what others are doing. Before meeting you and learning of your company, I was the one conducting this research on my own which took me away from dealing with my core business."
Greg Thompson
Daytona Beach 02-10-2011
"I am still impressed at how much you have saved our company - over $30,000 a year! I had a feeling that my previous PEO was on the high end with their expensive fees, but was happy with their customer service and their benefits for my employees. By by you comparing my current situation with that of a dozen others, you found an A rated company with the same quality and benefits and at a huge savings for my business. I appreciate your professionalism and the time that you took to personalize our plan to meet my payroll and insurance needs."
Claire Wright
Orlando 01-17-2011
"'When our company, Innovative Scheduling, began the process of figuring out how we were going to handle our rising insurance premiums, we were not quite sure what a PEO was and if it was something that would be beneficial. We decided to look into it and met with representatives from three different services. After each meeting we found ourselves scratching our heads. The benefit savings were obvious, but were we going to end up paying more money in the long run because of administrative fees? A bit frustrated and not sold on the PEO idea, we began looking again at different insurance plans outside of a PEO. We found in order to keep our costs down, the benefits would suffer. That’s when one of our employees recommended speaking with BOSC and opening up the PEO discussion again. I was a bit weary of the whole idea, but agreed to an initial phone conversation to see how BOSC could help us. From day one, you made it clear that he was not here to sell a particular PEO. He was here to help us find the best PEO for our company – for FREE! After sending some basic information about our company and employees, you went to work. Within a week he had some great options for our company. When we met again you had a spreadsheet of exactly how much we would pay – using real numbers instead of percentages. We decided to take his recommendation and sign on with a National PEO. You has continued to be involved in the on boarding process, and I have gone to him with questions regarding PEOs and other general business practices. I am so glad we initiated a relationship with BOSC"
Megan Ludwick
Gainesville 05-18-2011
"'Thank you for checking in! Things are GREAT with the new PEO you introduced us to! We even had the Safety guy out already (on their own request) to give us the look over. Payroll has been working great..... I've been processing all the payroll online since day 1. It's been a great company to work with. They are prompt with phone calls, but I usually get Brenda right away. They are courteous and helpful. Great service and an amazing product. We would not have found them without your assistance!'"
Christy Williams
Orlando 04-04-2011
"'Thank you so much for your patience while helping our company with switching payroll companies and insurance policies. You really turned a bad situation with our old company into a great situation with our new! We are so happy we found you and will surely refer you to any of our business contacts! Thanks again for all your hard work and always being available when we need you!'"
Sarah Kearney
Deltona 03-05-2011
"'This letter is to thank you for your professional manner in which you helped us make a big decision to go with your company when choosing our new PEO. For each consulting meeting you were always on time and had an eagerness to please us. Best of all, you saved my company money and with such a bad economy, I'm sure that is first and foremost on everyone's mind. We are very happy that we made the change and the transition to your new company and it went very smoothly. I am recommending you to all of my family, friends, and business associates.'"
Brett Bearding
Deltona 03-19-2011
"'Thank you Thank you Thank you! In a time of depseration I was referred to you at the final hour. My management company was on their way to shut me down becuase I was struggling to find workers' compensation insurance. Thankfully I found you. You worked throughout the night to salvage my franchise and for you I am forever in debt. I would reccomend your services to everyone. It's becuase of you that I'm able to continue my dream of being a business owner.'"
Tonya Perkins
Orlando 05-04-2011
"Jon, Thank you for the thorough review that you did for our company. I realized this morning that your company will be very successful as your style of communication is patient and clear which is important to us older folks who find that our businesses require more and more updated information, not only with healthcare, and technology but even the day to day HR rules can become too time consuming and frustrating to handle. Of course, we hear about small family run businesses being operated longer by the senior owners - an unexpected necessity in today's business climate. The senior leaders need support and information from people they can trust who do not have their own 'agenda' but a sincere interest in their customers. I hope that you realize this senior niche is real and by continuing to communicate to 'us' in your patient way, you should become very successful in your industry. You listened when I mentioned that there should be an unbiased Medicare consultant for seniors - and poof - you produced Tina who gave us basic information very clearly. I can't thank you enough for your help. We will contact each other at the beginning of August to prepare for the switch to the new company. Thanks!"
C Wright
Orlando 07-21-2011
"Jon, As you know our company has used employee leasing for over 20 years. Needless to say, we’ve had a lot of “different PEO experiences” during that length of time. I am more than happy to say that having found you and the services your company offers made this year’s negotiating with several PEO’s the best ever! Especially since you did the negotiating for us! Seriously, Jon, I truly appreciated the time you took to answer any and all questions I had no matter how insignificant they may have been. You always came back with a quick, professional and honest reply. In my opinion, in several instances, you went “above and beyond” which resulted in finding the best PEO for our company. We are very happy with the choice that you helped us make and would be more than happy to recommend you and your company in the future. Thank you for your professionalism, your efficiency and above all your honest. I remain, sincerely yours, Joan T. Lang Artcraft Industries®"
Joan Lang
Orlando 08-02-2011
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for having met and worked with your company, Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting. As you know, over the past two (2) years our company has grown from five (5) employees to now well over one hundred (100) employees. With this growth came additional complexities in our payroll needs including OCIP Projects, Prevailing Wage Contracts, and the need to do some detailed job costing among our multitude of projects. We were happy to have found your service, and the original PEO you helped us identify worked well in the beginning. As we grew you continued to work as an advocate and liaison on our behalf between us and the PEO. When it became clear that our PEO was not living up to your/our expectations you were kind enough to go back to the drawing board and realign us with a new PEO that we can grow with and one that values and understands the nature of our business. It was very impressive that before you made your ultimate recommendation that you had the Senior Leadership Team of the new PEO actually jump on a plane and come to our office so that both parties could learn about one another before making any decisions to switch PEO’s mid-year. It’s never easy to switch PEO’s, especially when our employees are spread out throughout South Florida and on jobsites; but the transition went almost flawless and was initiated and complete in a week. We now have the confidence that as our business continues to grow we are aligned with a true partnership in our PEO and in having you as our advocate and consultant. So with that said, should you ever need me as a reference or a testimonial of what your company does and how you remain involved with your clients after the placement of your clients with a PEO I will be more than happy to share my experience with any of your future prospects or clients. I look forward to continue to work with you in the years to come and thank you for creating a company that before meeting you I had no idea even existed. Sincerely, M Dickson Controller"
Matt Dickson
United States 09-12-2012
"Jon, Thank you! Working with you has confirmed that there is a better solution for our medical practice out there somewhere. I would not have been able to find this out without your assistance and certainly not this quickly. I would have made several calls and setup multiple appointments with ADP, Paychecks, and others that I have heard of or found on the internet. But I would not have the benefit of historical trends and services matching that you have provided. Thanks Practice Administrator"
Practice Administrator
FL 02-15-2013
"On behalf of The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, and as the Executive Director, I want to thank you for all of the assistance your company has provided us over the last couple of months. Prior to us meeting, we were unaware that a ‘No Cost’ consulting service like yours existed. As a result of our meeting, you were successful in accomplishing what no other firm or insurance agency could achieve. For that, we thank you! Kathy Baldwin, Executive Director As a non-for-profit, our resources are limited when it comes to investing in outside advisors to assist us with items like payroll, workers’ compensation and compliance. However, we recognize that these are critical components of our business that ultimately allow us to successfully serve our community. With BOSC’s assistance, we’ve been able to address our internal business needs so that we can continue to focus on our #1 goal to help families in our community. On behalf of The Mustard Seed, our Board of Directors, and most importantly the recipients of our services, we want to thank you for your business model and what it has done for us. We fully endorse your company and will gladly provide you with a reference in the event a business is considering using your free service to help them as you helped us."
Kathy Baldwin The Mustard Seed of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 10-24-2013
"I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all of your assistance in helping me secure a workers’ comp solution for my business. Prior to learning that your company existed I spent endless hours and days trying to find a solution. The process was extremely frustrating. It is mind boggling how many agents and companies would not even return my calls. From the minute I learned of your services and we had our initial conversation you were extremely responsive and prioritized finding a solution for my company. You realized my need was time sensitive and your professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. I only wish I learned of your service sooner! The PEO that you recommended and to whom I am now a client has been outstanding! It is also nice to know that after I became a client of your recommended PEO that your role as my consultant continues. If you ever need a reference for your services, your industry expertise, or professionalism I will be happy to provide a reference for BOSC and the PEO you referred. Owner, E.S.I"
Orlando, FL 01-22-2014
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work on behalf of Bewaggle. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without your help in securing the payroll and insurance solutions you found for us. It’s not an overstatement to say that we might not be in business today without your help! You deserve such high praise for your resourcefulness, your professionalism, and your personal and caring attention to our unique business needs. You put us in touch with the people who could solve our specific challenges, and you were able to provide us with those solutions in a really simple, smooth and straight forward process. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts on our behalf, and I am happy to refer my friends and business associates to you when they need help with any kind of employment, payroll, and insurance needs. It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with you. You totally rock! Marianne - Co-Founder and CEO"
Bewaggle LLC
Volusia, FL 03-03-2014
"Dear Jon: It is a pleasure to provide you and your firm a letter of recommendation based on our experience. We have managed multifamily housing since 1991 and have utilized countless payroll companies and PEO’s over those years both local and national firms. We first started working with BOSC and you personally in January of 2013. We have found your services to be very helpful, in finding the right PEO to use and the ongoing support both during the start up and transition phase as well as long term. In the past we had always dealt directly with the PEO and now we realize how much more efficient and supportive it is to have someone with your expertise at our beckon call. We would highly recommend Business Outsourcing Solutions and Consulting, BOSC, to anyone who needs any type of payroll assistance. Our experience has been a pleasant and productive one and we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with your company. Sincerely, Services-Taylor Made, Inc."
Kimberly Mosley, Vice President
FL 05-23-2014

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