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Finding the Right Orlando PEO - Professional Employer Organizations


BOSC provides professional business outsourcing solutions and consulting services to help Central Florida businesses choose the right Orlando PEO (Professional employer organization). BOSC also works with PEOs nationwide to find the best solution for your small or large business, whether it is in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, or anywhere else in the country. We will present you with three top choices for PEOs, which can be in-state or out of state, depending on your needs. Our recommendations are based on the best overall solution for your company and are not biased or self-serving.

So what does it take to find the right Orlando PEO for your business? An in-depth analysis of your business needs and expectations by BOSC will determine which top PEOs are best suited for your business needs and can offer the highest savings while still delivering the benefits and services your company needs.  BOSC specializes in searching for PEO companies in Central Florida and across the nation, so we have industry knowledge and experience your company would not.

How Has BOSC Helped Other Businesses in Central Florida Find PEOs in Orlando or surrounding areas?

AQUIS, in Orlando, FL, was searching for a new PEO and had spent a considerable amount of time meeting with prospective PEOs and hearing all of their sales pitches. After finding BOSC, CEO Mike B wrote in a testimonial that

"By working with you we immediately felt a sense of relief and comfort in knowing that you had our companies' best interest and well-being as a top priority. After listening to what our company objectives were and sharing with you what services, products, and price points we were looking for in our next PEO you went to work. You presented us with four solutions and patiently explained your experience and opinion about each of them with a completely un-biased perspective. In the end, using your company cost us nothing but saved us time, headaches, and a substantial amount of money as we enter into a new phase of our company and a new PEO relationship as a result of working with you."
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BOSC was able to help AQUIS, at no cost to them, save money and time by finding the right PEO for their Orlando business.

Need to find the right Orlando PEO for your company? Speak with the experts at BOSC to learn more about what you can expect from local Orlando PEO companies and comparisons to Florida or national PEOs in other areas.

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