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Don't Get Overwhelmed! There is an EASIER WAY to choose a master health care plan!

Choosing a PEO master health plan is an important task. The level of health care provided is crucial, especially if the majority of your employees take advantage of your company health care plan.  What makes this task even more important is that the cost of health care plans can vary significantly between providers and PEOs. Since health care plans are paid each month for every employee on the plan, the slightest variation in pricing can really add up. Smaller businesses are finding it more and more difficult to receive lower rates on master health care plans. This is where a PEO Master Health Plan would be beneficial.

What  are the benefits of choosing a PEO Master Health Plan?

A PEO can offer much lower annual rate increases for health insurance premiums compared to the rate a small business would receive. This is an economies of scale type benefit from pooling all of the PEO's employees into one main group. Other benefits include the time associated with choosing a master health plan for your business. Many of the employers who are choosing the health care plans have little or no experience in HR duties and must either take the time to learn the industry lingo, or worse, choose a plan blindly.  BOSC works with top PEO's to help you find the best recommended PEO master health plans for your company. Best of all, it's at no cost to you.

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