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Finding the Right Florida Payroll Services Provider

Is it time to outsource your accounting or payroll services? If you are searching for Florida payroll services, let BOSC be the independent and unbiased consultant to lead you every step of the way. BOSC is currently serving clients in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, all of Central Florida and continuing to grow throughout the state of Florida.  Our experience, knowledge, and relationships with vendors have been acquired over time. We research and analyze payroll services, master health plans, hr outsourcing, and PEO vendors each and every day. We know which companies work best for every type of business.

Our payroll provider consulting services are at no cost to our clients. Why wouldn't you want to save time with your search for the best payroll services?

Many companies go back and forth about the best option for performing payroll and accounting services. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Does my business have enough labor resources to perform payroll services in-house?
  • Would the employee that would be performing payroll be better suited at other job tasks? (For this, you need to determine how efficient this employee is at maintaining employee payroll records and how quickly they can accomplish all the duties with this task).
  • Would it be less expensive to have a third party process and manage payroll?

This last question is the most difficult to answer on your own. BOSC provides an in depth look at your current labor resources and payroll service needs.  Payroll services are available in different packages for small business to large corporations. Generally, services include providing paper checks or direct deposits for employees, tax filing service and payroll reports. A Florida payroll service provider will take on the burden of processing your employee checks every single pay period, filing the taxes, and will also make sure that there are no discrepancies with anything.

Choosing a payroll services provider is a huge task. Your costs can vary significantly between providers.  Choosing the cheapest provider isn't always the best way, the levels of service are also important to your business. You are trusting other people with your confidential employee information, trusting that they will file your taxes properly, and also trusting that they will accurately pay your employees on time each pay period.

This is a lot of trust. Is this worth your time? Let BOSC help you find the right Florida Payroll Services provider.


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